A Busy Friday is coming to an End


Well it’s been a day and I’m glad this week is over. Although this weekend is stacking up to be a busy one so it already feels it’s going way too fast.

I had a lot of anxiety today. Chest pains and heavy breathing. I ate some hard candy and it calmed down for awhile but came right back up when I was sitting in traffic for nearly two hours.  

My son had Special Olympics Swimming tonight but we missed it due to we were sitting in traffic. Needless to say I was so glad to be home. Dinner was waiting for me since I came home and put it in the crock pot at lunch.  Wow, that’s a recipe I’ll be using again!

The hubs is in Wyoming right now. He was gone last night but I expect him home in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. Since he drives for the oil patch I never know when and if he will be home. I’ve grown use to his non-schedule schedule.

My dad is in town for a few more nights then he will blast off back to China. Yes, China. That’s where he lives with his wife, Ping.

Tomorrow is gymnastics for all three kids then off to the store to get our $2 pumpkins at Walmart. Sunday Gabe has a football game and I’m sure we’ll squeeze in church somewhere in there.

Here’s a picture of my daughter and my dad and my dad and I.






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