Today’s reflections


As the day comes to an end I am very thankful to have had my husband with us the entire day. It was a good family day. I’m thankful for every moment I get with him as he gets ready for a busy week away from home. 

I think sometimes us women can get so wrapped up in our daily duties that we forget to cherish our husbands. The time we get together is precious and a lot of the time taken for granted. 

As trucker’s wives we also tend to forget they have a place in the home and not just on the road. We feel they need to adapt to us and our schedules when they get home as if they were a guest. But in reality I think as women we need to make them feel like Kings when they are home….so they WANT to come home.

As the wife of a truck driver in the oil field I knew what I bought into when I married him. It’s my job to adapt to him and to make him feel wanted in his own home. 

Even if that means rubbing his feet during the Walking Dead. 🙂



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