Loving them in the Unlovable Moments.

Let me ask you something. When your husband is in a bad mood, what is your mood like? What is your reaction. Mine is always to retreat and avoid at all costs. I know my approach is wrong.

What I should be doing is to try my best to be in a good mood and uplift him. It’s not easy at all and most of the time I think of this after the fact. Today we are not off to a great start. But I feel if I approached his mood in a more loving way maybe I wouldn’t feel as guilty. I could have taken care of my side of the street and maybe even have put him in a better mood in the process.

I think women spend lot and lots of money every year in attempts to make themselves more desirable, more attractive. We forget our most beautiful asset is free, our smile. If you greeted your husband with a smile would he not respond to you in a different way. If I had reacted to my husband’s bad mood with a smile would he have changed his attitude. Maybe. Just some food for thought.

Practice makes perfect right?

Off for another exciting day at work.



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