Happy Halloween


What a day!

First and for most the kids had a great day. Costumes, parties at school then another party at Grandma’s house then off to trick-or-treating. Pizza, cupcakes and mountains of candy. I am going to see if I can convince them to do the “candy buy back” from the local dentist. I however feel like death. While my kids went to trick-or-treating with their friends and other parents I fell asleep at my in-law’s house. I don’t know how long I was out but long enough. Now that I’m home my stomach is in knots and I’ve been running to the bathroom every few minutes. 

Today I had yet another breakdown at work. I have finally decided to take a leave of absence. I can’t keep trying to hold it together, do my job, be a mom at home, a wife and try to work out my bipolar at the same time. My meds are just not right yet. I’m not stabilized. Enough is enough. Something had to give so my work has been put on the back burner for at least a month. Maybe more. It’s bitter sweet. On one side of the coin I will miss my friends and yes even my job. On the flip side I am very relieved to know I will have a break. 

I got to see the hubs for a whole hour today. As I got home from work he was getting ready to leave. I’m not sure where he is off to tonight or when I will see him again. Maybe in a day or two. He is very supportive of me taking a break from work. He will be able to work more weekends now. 

So as it turns out this Halloween has proved to be a turning point in our lives. I know this is all happening for a reason and know God will take care of us. This is all happening for a reason and do not regret my decision. I just need to keep heading towards the light of recovery.





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