In the crock pot as we speak.


The hubs likes anything that makes good leftovers and he doesn’t mind eating cold on the road. This is a good recipe that I’ve made before, easy  to make thanks to my crock pot and it’s good served warm or cold with some potato salad or coleslaw.

I got the idea for this this recipe from

But I changed it up quite a bit.

  • Grab a big, fat onion and chop it up
  • Add a package of mushrooms to the bottom of the crock pot if your family likes mushroom.
  • Generously salt and pepper a pork roast or tenderloin, then lay it on top of the mushrooms, fat side up.
  • I added some garlic since my hubs loves it then added the oinions on top.
  • Pour in about a half of a 2 ltr. bottle of Dr. Pepper
  • Pour in a bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce
  • sprinkle in a bit of brown sugar (it never hurts).
  • You can use any other spices you think my sounds good.

Cook for 4 -6 hours on high depending on your schedule and serve. I’ve made this as sandwiches and I’ve also made them as soft shelled tacos. Very tasty.  It makes great left overs and there is plenty of room to add or change this recipe to fit your family’s needs.


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