My summer head start program…haha


While the hubs is getting ready to head to Wyoming for the week I got a little bit further planning for summer break 2014.

As a  I said a few weeks I was already planning for the summer….yes I’m that mom.  I know it’s not even December yet. The reason I’m psycho planning for 2014 is because last year I didn’t plan at all and it was a disaster. I was working and everything I did plan was for their  daycare. I missed out on a lot because I tried to just fly by the seat of my pants. Never again.

I always make each one of my kids a summer binder. It has schedules, pictures, art projects, movies ticket stubs, etc.  This is mainly because if any of my kids dare to say they had a boring summer I have the proof that they did, in deed, have fun over summer break.

So far I’ve looked up some movies and what dates we will go to them. Our movie theater has $5 Tuesdays so I always plan our movies the Tuesday after it comes out. There are usually less crowds on a Tuesday morning. It’s very relaxing and budget friendly.

These are the movies that have an actual release dates I’m sure there will be more posted after New Years.

Maleficent – June 3rd.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 – June 17th

Planes 2 – July 22nd

Ninja Turtles – August 12th

Most of our Fridays are dedicated to the pool. I meet my best friend with her three kids and we make a whole day of it. Pool day Friday has been a tradition the last three years. Since this year we will be in a house and will lose the pool access of the apartments I’ve added up all the days we will try to go to the pool and looked up the cost at our local swimming pool. I added that total to the costs of all the movies and now I have a pretty good idea what my summer budget looks like. We will put a little bit of extra cash away in May so we’re ready to spend a little extra over the summer. This will be a lot cheaper than having all three kids in summer camp!

I printed off a new cleaning list, that I found on Pinterest, for the house. I still need to make new chore lists for the kids.


I made a list of things I’d like to do this summer just to keep me organized. It doesn’t mean we’ll do everything but at least there is a goal. I printed one out for each of the kid’s binders. I can’t wait to move into the new house. It will make this all seem real. 🙂

12 Weeks of Summer


Go to pool         Make treats for neighbors                  A day with Grandma & Grandpa

Play board games on a rainy day       Go hiking           Create art

Backyard camping    Read books        Go bowling        Picnic in a park

Play Mini Golf            Write letters    friend sleepovers

Go to a baseball game        Crawdad fishing        bike ride

Make root beer floats       Pajama Day     Crazy hair day   Watch fireworks

Lego Creation Day   Make dinosaur eggs           Science experiments

Make rock candy       Shaving cream fight Make bird feeders    plant flowers

Create with sidewalk chalk       Go to a movie    Take pictures

Make a journal          make a race track out of masking tape

Have a marble race   Go to church    Play in the sprinklers        eat ice cream

Hike to a waterfall    Go fishing     Play in a lake            take naps            Have fun!



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